Weed-Be-Gone – The Organic Way!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Cold days are fleeing, flowers are bursting forth, the trees are leaving out and WEEDS are ALREADY making their mark! Honestly, I hate weeds among my columbines, in the flower beds, the yard and elsewhere.

But I also HATE weed killers. You know, RoundUp, Spectracide, Ortho…toxic, lethal, poisonous stuff that harms everything around it. (Ever seen how they manufacture the stuff? Folks wearing hazmat suits, high-yield factory ventilation systems, poison control centers and more). A person just might want to avoid the stuff!

So, a couple of years ago, I found an amazing natural organic weed killer and wanted to give it a try. It contained soap, salt and vinegar. I was skeptical and thought the stuff would never work. Wow, was I surprised at how well it works.

The photos are NOT retouched. The one on the left was early in the morning. The photo on the right was taken not 1 or 2 or even 3 days later. It was taken later in the afternoon on the same day!


7:00 AM                                                                                      6:00 PM

Anyway, if you’re interested here is the recipe.

1 Gallon Vinegar

2 Cups Epson Salt

¼ Cup Dawn Dish Soap (The Blue Original)

It will kill anything you spray it on. Just mix and

spray in the morning after the dew has evaporated.

Walk away. Go back after dinner and the weeds are dying and will soon be dead!


So there you go! Easy to make and cheaper than RoundUp!

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