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Ever felt like a technology immigrant? You know what I mean. That foreign land called technology and you just recently arrived at her shores. You are in a daze trying to absorb and integrate into this new land buzzing with frenzied activity. But kids under 20 are native to this puzzling place. They are technology natives! They are ruling the world with their understanding of screens, apps, mobile devices and more. It’s humbling to watch a 4 year old grab an iPad and engage with games, movies, music and apps. And you thought “Where in the world did the kid learn that?” Well, it’s their birthright, for they are technology natives!

While I did not grow up a technology native, I have tried to ride the wave and incorporate products and software to make life a bit more manageable, convenient and fun! So here are a few apps that I think you’ll find useful as is relates to real estate and other facets of life. Be sure to check out Ghost Radar, Heard and RunPee!

Real Estate Apps
Houzz Interior Design Ideas – A fun app that will make you want to renovate, decorate or even move! (Subtle hint, huh?) Actually, Houzz is a fantastic resource for remodeling and decorating ideas. Architects, interior designers and contractors upload photos of their creations into this application. It’s then organized by room for easy searching and viewing. In fact, many of the interior designs and elements can be purchased too.

  • 10 million down loads
  • Free

ColorSmart by BEHR – Planning to paint a room? Preview, match, and coordinate colors “on-the-go” with this convenient new tool. Explore over 2,500 colors, color match using your phone, and even choose from over 40 room templates and preview your colors right on your phone! How cool is that? This app just might turn into every woman’s new favorite “game”.

  • Free

Ghost Radar – Yup. You guessed it. An app designed to detect paranormal activity in a home. Never buy a haunted house again! Unless you’re into that sort of thing… in which case you will never buy a not haunted house again!

  • 5 million downloads
  • Free

Around Town
MileIQ – I use this app and love it! Turn on your phone, jump in your car, run your errands and this app will track your mileage. Then at the end of the day, classify your trip as business use or personal use. End of the month, download a detailed report for recording keeping with employers or the IRS.

  • 1 million downloads
  • Free and premium membership for $50/yr

AroundMe – The app identifies your position and provides all the local venues such as banks, gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and more. Super convenient when you are in a new part of town and trying to get around and need something not offered at the Starbucks on every corner.

  • 1 million downloads
  • Free

iExit – This is a helpful app that notifies you what is coming up at the next exit while traveling on the highway; bathrooms, restaurants, gas stations, and special attractions. Very cool tool for you road warriors! Husbands, pay attention extra attention to the bathroom and snack stops and you will have a very happy woman in your car!

  • Free

Just For Fun
KeyMe – You might think twice about giving your key to a car valet in the future. KeyMe allows you to scan your key using your smart phone, and 3 days later receive an exact duplicate in the mail. Or you can print a copy yourself at nationwide kiosks or your local locksmith.

  • Free

Heard – “What did you say?” Here’s an app that records the past. Yep, you heard me right! Heard runs in the background continuously. Then, when you want to capture a conversation that happed in the past, just tap a button to hear up to the last 5 minutes of your conversation. Kinda scary if you’re having a fight with your spouse! So if you are willing to sacrifice the battery this app will use up for the 50% chance you actually were right, then you just hit the jackpot! (Only for iPhones).

  • Downloads unknown
  • $1.99

IMDb Movies and TV – Very popular application. Search over 2 million movies and TV titles or over 4 million actors, celebrities and directors. Watch movie trailers, check out reviews or help settle a disagreement about where else that actress is from! You know your right and you’re gonna prove it! Thanks IMDb!

  • 50 million downloads
  • Free

RunPee – And finally the ultimate in creature comfort utility! We all hate those stressful minutes (hours actually, if you’re watching Batman vs. Superman) of wondering if the most integral part of the movie is just around the corner while your bladder is pushed to its limits and your large soda sit empty, mocking you. RunPee tells you the best time to run and pee mid-movie without missing the best scenes. And when you’re finished, you get a synopsis of the minutes you missed. A vibrator is even built into the app to notify you when to go pee! You paid a lot for that ticket and giant drink- get your money’s worth!

  • Free

Well, there you have it. Just a few more to add to your ever expanding library of apps. Maybe next time the kids start talking about their new favorites you can impress them with some of yours. And if they still don’t look up from their phones, you can always download Snapchat and follow them – believe me, it’s the stuff of their nightmares!


Maybe next time the kids start talking about their new favorites you can impress them with some of yours. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it is there native territory after all!

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